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9th EAI International Conference on Digital Forensics & Cyber Crime

October 9–11, 2017 | Prague, Czech Republic
  1. Pu Ren, Wuyang Shui, Mingquan Zhou, Jin Liu and Wenshuo Zhao. Sketch-based Modeling and Immersive Display Techniques for Indoor Crime Scene Presentation
  2. Jia Xiaoqi, Zhou Guangzhe, Huang Qingjia, Zhang Weijuan and Tian Donghai. FindEvasion: An Effective Environment-sensitive Malware Detection System for the Cloud
  3. David Lillis, Frank Breitinger and Mark Scanlon. Expediting MRSH-v2 Approximate Matching with Hierarchical Bloom Filter Trees
  4. John MacRae and Viriginia Franqueira. On Locky, Al Capone and Brexit
  5. Martin Vondráček, Jan Pluskal and Ondřej Ryšavý: Automation of MitM Attack on Wi-Fi Networks
  6. Charles Leopard, Neil Rowe and Michael McCarrin. Memory Forensics and the Macintosh OS X Operating System
  7. Lorenz Liebler and Harald Baier. Approxis: a fast, robust, lightweight and approximate Disassembler considered in the field of memory forensics
  8. Kun Yang. A Behavior-based Method for Distinction of Flooding DDoS and Flash Crowds
  9. Thomas Edward Allen Barton and M A Hannan Bin Azhar. Open Source Forensics for a Multi-platform Drone System
  10. Asif Iqbal, Mathias Ekstedt and Hanan Alobaidli. Digital Forensic Readiness in Critical Infrastructures: A case of substation automation in the power sector
  11. Ernsberger Dominik, Ikuesan Richard Adeyemi, Venter S. Hein and Alf Zugenmaier. A Web-Based Mouse Dynamics Visualization Tool for User Attribution in Digital Forensic Readiness
  12. Jianguo Jiang, Jiuming Chen, K-K R Choo, Kunying Liu, Chao Liu and Min Yu. A Visualization Scheme for Network Forensics based on Attribute Oriented Induction based Frequent Item Mining and Hyper Graph
  13. Neil Rowe. Finding and Rating Personal Names on Drives for Forensic Needs
  14. Irvin Homem. Coriander: A Toolset for Generating Realistic Android Digital Evidence Datasets
  15. Peter Kieseberg, Sebastian Neuner, Sebastian Schrittwieser, Martin Schmiedecker and Edgar Weippl. Real-time Forensics through Endpoint Visibility
  16. Konstantia Barmpatsalou, Tiago Cruz, Edmundo Monteiro and Paulo Simoes. Fuzzy System-based Suspicious Pattern Detection in Mobile Forensic Evidence
  17. Brandon Knieriem, Xiaolu Zhang, Philip Levine, Frank Breitinger and Ibrahim Baggili. Why Are Developers Still Using Default Passwords?
  18. Ming Xu, Jinkai Sun, Ning Zheng, Tong Qiao, Yiming Wu, Kai Shi, Haidong Ge and Tao Yang. A novel File Carving Algorithm for EVTX Logs
  19. Wu Xin, Qingni Shen, Yahui Yang and Zhonghai Wu. SeEagle: Semantic-Enhanced Anomaly Detection for Securing Eagle